Mary Campbell



My prints and paintings are inspired by my curiosity about people and love of the natural and built environment.


The visual sources range from familiar interiors to the beyond ordinary experiences of journeys near and far.



Wherever I go, I like to draw and paint people and places from direct observation.  I value these memories in their own right and also use them, immediately or years later, as a basis for printmaking when I reinvent, mix and supplement the originals to impart new meaning or narrative.  Collagraph is ideal for this process, enabling me to play with the structure and form of the plate and experiment with the fantasy and emotion of colour through viscosity printing.  Tricky to replicate, I never print editions but only three or four from each plate.

Dhealbh Iain Caimbeul an t-ionad eadar-lìn a tha seo còmhla ri Màiri Chaimbeul.  All images © Mary Campbell.  Display in this website neither constitutes offer for sale nor provides licence to reproduce any image